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Artemis CP2 Combo Airgun

 Artemis CP2 Combo Airgun set cal. (5.5mm)

Sure, we found the perfect secret agent kit! James Bond should love it. A 5.5mm pistol, on which you can screw a silencer, attach a butt and change the barrel for a longer model to gain velocity and accuracy at long distance. Two rotating chargers are delivered in the kit, enough to have fun with friends. In short, an evolutionary and playful weapon but the reliability and the groups are there with you? This test reveals the truth!


                           A box well presented and very complete!


The CP2 pistol is pretty amazing. It is actually a platform, quality, which will accommodate the choice of a 21cm gun or another 44cm. A silencer can be screwed at the end of the two guns. And in order to shoot more precisely, especially with the longer gun, you can attach a stick that will allow you to shoulder the weapon. The weapons of the brand Artemis airgun are made in Asia and are very good value for money.


The weapon is sober and devoid of frills. 



For right-handed or left-handed people,
no problem! 

The gun, a good base.

Let's first talk about the "basic" pistol in the straight version of the cardboard box where the different elements are well protected. It is an ambidextrous gun, the handle has no bulge to accommodate the palm of the hand. The weapon weighs 914 g without the gas refill and seems quite rustic, let's be honest ... No gilding, no frills. Useful. It is a CO2 weapon, that is to say that the propulsion of the diabolos of 5.5 mm is ensured by a cartridge of gas, CO2, 12 grams, commonly called sparklettes. These cartridges are quite economical and allow to have fun at little cost. The cartridge is housed in a tube, located under the barrel. We slip the park inside, we screw up the cap, then only to hit the cartridge. The weapon is then ready to fire. This gun is equipped with an adjustable lift in elevation and drifting with two screws. The handlebar made of polymer is attached to a cylinder of the same material. These open sights are good, the handlebar, square section is housed in the rise, well cut. It is possible to install a red dot sight with an 11 mm rail located on the top of the receiver.



The CO2 cartridge fix into the cylinder under the barrel.



                                  The rise is regulated in elevation and drift.                                                                                                                            

Seven shots in the charger

The two small rotary chargers supplied contain seven 5.5mm diabolos. The sinkers are inserted in the room thanks to a small breech rather rustic but finally working simple and pleasant. We are not fan of the position of the safety button, placed just behind the tail of relaxation and not necessarily accessible with big fingers.


The rotary feeder contains 7 diabolos.       



Departures are good, 1,242 g on average. On the other hand                                                                                                                                    we are not fans of the position of the safety pusher


Rifle version

The gun can be converted into a rifle by removing the base of the handle. A screw, provided with a movable ring allows to remove the base and to fix the removable butt of the rifle. Simple! It's almost the same for the barrel. Three screws, which can be removed with an Allen key, fix the barrel on the carcass of the weapon. The middle one is longer than the ends and is housed in a small recess dug in the top of the barrel to prevent it from rotating. It is easy to change the barrel 21 cm to fix the one of ... 44 cm. Rifle aiming passes over the gun and there is no need to unscrew this piece. The weapon weighs 1,406 g in this long version.                                                    


  The CP2 in rifle and silent version



                                    The base of the handle can be remove.                                                          


The stick offers a good grip.



A silent for fun

Both guns, 21 and 44 cm are both equipped with a screw thread at their end. A plastic protective cylinder is screwed on. Simply remove this protection and screw the baffle silencer 14.5 cm and weighing 85 g.


                            A screw thread equips the two guns to fix the silencer.





Velocity with pistol barrel


Velocity with rifle barrel


Length with pistol barrel


Length with rifle barrel


Weight pistol           


Weight rifle    





                    Uses 12g CO2 capsules

Mag. Capacity











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