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Just Aim Perfectly and Leave Rest on Me! FX Bobcat MKII PCP Airgun .22cal

Just Aim Perfectly and Leave Rest on Me....... 

 FX Bobcat MKII 



 FX Bobcat MKII

FX is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality PCP airguns and is famous for its innovative designs and unbeatable perfomance and accuracy.


 The Bobcat is a hybrid that sports the best of two action designs. Short and quick to handle as a bull pup and easy to use with high power and accuracy as a full length rifle. The overwhelming success of the Bobcat has charged the factory to improve on this fine shooting platform, the Bobcat MkII.

This new version comes standard with a competition grade regulator, and a dual pressure gauge system that reads regulator and air supply pressures. The probe filling port has an integrated twist-open dust cover that protects the inlet valve from debris. Also new on the MkII is a cocking lever in billet aluminum. Internal improvements have also been made to increase the reliability of the rifle. The famous match winning Smooth Twist barrel is fitted to a single piece breech block that houses a valve and power adjusting system which provides very consistent velocities and one of the highest shot count per air volume in the industry. 


The Bobcat MkII provides high power, match winning accuracy with quiet operation nestled in a synthetic soft touch stock for maximum comfort in all weather conditions. The Bobcat MkII will set the standard for high precision air rifles and will not disappoint the most demanding airgun shooter.





FX Airguns




4.5 mm / .177, 5.5 mm / .22, 6.35 mm / .25, 7.62 mm / .30

Power source:


Fill pressure (bar / psi):

220 / 3191, 250 / 3626

Energy (Joule /

24 / 17.7, 48 / 35.4, 65 / 47.9, 105 / 77.4

Velocity (fps):

990 - 4.5 mm / .117
990 - 5.5 / .22
875 - 6.35 mm / .25
875 - 7.62 mm / .30

Cocking system:

Side lever

Magazine Capacity:

9, 11, 12, 16



Weight (gram):

3500 / 3800

Barrel Length (mm):

485 / 600

Total length (mm):

750 / 940


No open sights

Riflescope included:


Mounting rail:

Dovetail (11mm)



Stock material:



Fill probe, Magazine


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