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All you need to know about Gamo Black Maxxim IGT Mach1

Gamo Black Maxxim IGT Mach1
Break Barrel Airgun

 Gamo is currently the largest manufacturer of airguns in Europe. Gamo airguns offer great value for money, are reliable and are very popular among beginning shooters.


 (Gamo Black Maxxim IGT Mach1)


From Gamo power family, the Black Maxxim IGT Mach 1 has come to stay. It's been designed on a classic Black 1000 Maxxim stock and equipped with the main Gamo technologies: Gamo Power 33mm cylinder, Whisper Maxxim® silencing technology, CAT™ Trigger, SWA™ anti-recoil system and RRR™ to reduce it even more. It features an IGT™ Mach 1 system to get even more control.UP to 29 Joules of power, Black Maxxim IGT Mach 1 is a winning bet.



    (Two Stage Adjustable Trigger )


The new Gamo Black Maxxim IGT Mach 1 comes with the Whisper Maxxim muzzle break which features two noise dampening chambers providing quieter performances and reduced recoil. It is also fitted with Gamo's new CAT (Custom Action Trigger) which is a genuine adjustable 2 stage trigger.


(Shock Wave Absorber) Recoil Pad


This model includes SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) technology - the new recoil pad from Gamo that absorbs up to 74% more recoil pressure. It is fitted with an ergonomically designed stock with a raised ambidextrous cheek piece. This Gamo air rifle also incorporates the new IGT system. The spring mechanism has been changed to a piston system (Gasram), enhancing the quality of this air rifle. The IGT system provides:





  • Increased velocity
  • Reduced stock vibration
  • Greater precision
  • Steady and consistent power
  • Extremely durable mechanism




4.5 mm / .177, 5.5 mm / .22

Weight (kg):

3.1 kg

Barrel Length (mm):                                            

482 mm

Total length (mm):  

1170 mm

Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177)

420 m/s / 1377 fps

Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22)

308 m/s / 1010 fps

Power source: 


Energy (Joule /                                         

29 / 21.4

Cocking system:                                                  

Break barrel




Open sights

Mounting rail:                                                        

Dovetail (11mm)



Stock material:                                                       




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