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Do you know about the cheapest imported Airgun available in the market?


5.5 mm  B2-4P Black Carbine - SPA 

The SPA model B2 4P in caliber 5.5 mm is perfect for anyone looking for their first pressure weapon. 

Manufactured by the consecrated SPA Chinese company that manufactures and supplies Airguns and Air pistols  for the world's leading brands. 

Shooting shot, but SPA once again innovated and inserted a lever to ease the tipping system, thus increasing the life of your equipment. 

To arm, it will have two stages.

 First you start the lever on the side of the barrel, automatically the barrel goes down enough to insert the kick, without making any effort. 

The second stage is to trigger the spring, you will take this barrel down and return to its initial stage, just like it is done in traditional carbines . 

This system will increase the life of your weapon because you spend less time with the spring tensioned, that is, you will give many more shots without losing power. 




Both the handle and the mass of the scope are in optical fiber.

 This gives the shooter a better view and consequent shooting accuracy. 

Adjustable sight strap and fixed sights. 

Cover over Front Sight. 
The mass of sight has a fixed protection tunnel for better visualization of the target and to have greater speed in the aim of the target. 

The ambidextrous stock is made of black polymer with a beautiful finish.

 Even more so compared to others in the same category. 

You can put a bezel or red dot, as it already comes with 11 mm rail. 


Technical information:

Caliber: 5.5 mm (.22) 
Stock: Polymer 
Spring: Common
Trigger: Metal 
Initial Speed : 130 m / s (425 FPS) 
Length of barrel: 49 cm 
Total length: 109 cm 
Safety: No

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