Let's talk about Artemis M-16 - Scopes and Barrels

Let's talk about Artemis M-16

Artemis is China's most premium Airgun Manufacturer. They have been producing traditional Airguns (Break Barrel & Under lever) under their other brand name "Snow Peak Airguns" for their premium Airguns (PCP & Co2) they have chosen to brand it with Artemis name. Other than that, they have also been exporting same model Airguns to other countries with other brand names such as GSG, Diana, Chukar, etc. 

On this article, we are going to discuss Artemis Airgun model M-16. M-16 is yet again an amazing product of Artemis Airguns, the company is offering it in 4.5mm, 5.5mm & 6.35 mm. It produces a whopping 1,000 FPS in 4.5 mm, 900 in 5.5 mm and 800 in 6.35 mm and is also a regulated Airgun, so you can set it according to your requirement. 

It has an Air capacity of 210CC with a maximum pressure of 25MPa. It has a magazine capacity of 13 shots (4.5 mm), 11 shots (5.5 mm) & 9 shots (6.35 mm). The stock of M-16 is German beech wood which is beautiful in looks and feels luxurious. 

It comes with an 11mm Dovetail rail which is perfect for installing almost any kind of scope. This airgun is 965 mm in Length, 55 mm in Width, 195 mm in Height and weighs only 3 Kgs.

This Airgun can be compared with P10 and P15, in my personal opinion, it is better than both of them because I prefer this shape over shapes on P10 & P15. All in all I think this is an amazing product specially in the price category of P10 and P15 this is a brand new option that people can choose from. 

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