5 Shot Challenge!

Jun 21, 20
5 Shot Challenge!

A week ago Mr.Imad took part in a five shot challenge where he choose a CO2 powered pistol and had to shoot the targets which were the soft drink cans. He went ahead with the Glock 19 non blowback version, a very interesting choice by Mr.Imad. The Glock 19 is a very good looking pistol and extremely powerful when compared with other CO2 pistols.CLICK HERE to check out more details about this pistol or check out Mr.Imad's review below.

Now lets check how well Mr.Imad performs;

4 out of 5 targets down, AMAZING! And he's nominating the three masterminds behind scopes and barrels, let's see how well they can perform!

So they're using water balloons as the targets and would shoot them from a distance of 10 meters. Mr.Abdullah went ahead with Sig Sauer's P320, a very odd choice for this challenge but not a bad one.

The SIG SAUER P320 pistol is a good training tool for users of the P320 firearm. It's overall size, weight, balance and handling are strong suits. It's also accurate, shoots to the point of aim with BBs and light pellets and is sufficiently powerful for the intended use. CLICK HERE to read more about this pistol.

Hmm Mr.Wajih and Mr.Farid went ahead with Beretta's APX, A very good choice in my opinion.

A very popular CO2 pistol and preferred by many enthusiast, Let's see if this pistol can help Wajih and Farid, CLICK HERE to read more about this pistol or check out our review below. 

 So Now it's time to see how well did the masterminds of scopes and barrels performed.

Ooh damn.... Congrats Mr.Wajih on having a tie with Mr.Imad and congratulations to Mr.Farid as well for coming close, As for Mr.Abdullah..

 I hope You enjoyed our Five shot challenge, Now the Scopes And Barrels team nominates you guys for this challenge! Send us your videos of the challenge on WhatsApp and we'll feature the best ones in our future posts. For more details feel free to contact us on Facebook or WhatsApp 0321-2060909. Goodbye and stay safe.

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