Blog: Artemis CR600W CO2 Airgun

Mar 14, 18
Blog: Artemis CR600W CO2 Airgun


Co2 Power Airgun

When Artemis introduced PR900W last year, a lot of people were happy to see the cheapest PCP airgun being introduced in such high quality finish. They were thrilled to find out that in similar price bracket of Gamo Whisper X, they could buy a PCP Airgun, but there was an issue. Issue was that all PCP airguns require air fill up after every 30-35 shots, which means with each PCP airgun you also need to buy a high pressure air pump which costs more or less same price as the airgun itself. 


Artemis came up with a solution in shape of CR600W. It looks almost exactly the same as PR900W but uses Co2 cylinders for power. These small Co2 cylinders are easily available in the market and are not that expensive. If you compare PR900W with CR600W, PR900W is a definite superior Airgun in terms of FPS (800 compared with 550 of CR600W). But if you don't want to go through the hassle of buying a pump and filling it up after every 35 shots, CR600W is perfect for you.


A proper hunting CO2 rifle with either flat trajectory of .177 or a stopping power of .22 caliber . This new CO2 rifle uses standard 12-gram CO2 canisters and can be fed from either a rotary magazine or a single-shot tray. Renovated with a beautiful beech stock, the CR600W is a must-have for any airgun enthusiast.  




Caliber: 5.5MM

Velocity: 550FPS

Approximate Full Shots Per Capsule: 35

Suppressor: Silencing effect with front sight

Trigger: adjustable trigger, 0.5-4lbs




Capable Velocity of over 650 FPS

Metal front sight with silencing effect

Both Single and Multi Shot

Adjustable trigger

Manual Safety

Portable c02 rifle





Muzzle Velocity               

up to 750 fps (229 m/s) in .177 cal / up to 650 fps (198 m/s in .22 cal

Muzzle Energy            

up to 8 ft-lbs (11 J.) in .177 cal /  up to 12 ft-lbs (16 J.) in .22 cal

Barrel length     

19 inch (483 mm)


Overall length              

38.5 inch (978 mm)



5 lbs (2.3 kg)








two stage adjustable




Full power shots

30 at max power


Max shots per fill


Magazine capacity

9 rounds in .177, 7 rounds in .22, rotary

Open sights

post & adjustable v-sight

Scope rail

11 mm dove-tail





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  • which rang we shot in meters?

    - Rashid Dhillon posted Apr 21, 2020
  • hello sir , what is price og this gun and where can we buy it?

    - arshed posted Mar 29, 2018

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