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Umarex IWI Mini Uzi

Co2 Powered

.177 Steel BBs

Airpistol with Mock Suppressor



Originally restricted to Israeli special units, the Mini Uzi became a favorite of military and police units throughout the world when it became commercially available.



Fully licensed by Umarex USA, the Israel Weapon Industries Mini Uzi .177 BB Gun is an excellent air gun for target shooting and close quarters training.  



It features a very strong polymer body with metal reinforcement to make the gun very lightweight without compromising durability.  While the overall size of the gun is considerably small, measuring about 13" long with the stock folded, it is surprisingly very accurate.  This is due to the fact that Mini UZI is Co2 powered giving the submachine gun extra power, range, and stronger kick.  



The UZI features a metal stock that can be used to make long range shots or folded to the side for better maneuverability.  The barrel of the Mini UZI is threaded to accept the included mock suppressor.  While the suppressor offers no sound reduction, it makes the gun look really cool.  



Lightweight and compact with excellent range and accuracy the Umarex IWI UZI is an exceptionally versatile air gun carbine that offers solid and reliable performance.  




Umarex has finally brought out a CO2 version of the Mini Uzi. It shoots 4.5 mm steel BBs, which have become highly popular in recent years




- High strength, reinforced polymer body

- Officially licensed by the Israeli Weapon Industry

- Co2 powered BB airgun

- Safe and semi auto fire modes

- Caliber: 4.5mm / .177 caliber steel BBs

- Velocity: 390-400 FPS with .177 caliber steel BBs

- Very small and compact design

- Metal side folding stock

- Threaded barrel for included mock suppressor

- Strong kick and powerful recoil

- Realistic gas blowback action




Technical Data:

Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) BB
Magazine capacity 29 shot(s)
Length 356 / 594 mm
Weight 1242 g
Trigger Double Action Only
System 12 g CO2




Package Includes:

- Umarex IWI Mini UZI Co2 GBB .177 BB Air Gun

- 1x 28rd magazine

- Mock suppressor

- Operator's manual 




Umarex IWI UZI is an exceptionally versatile air gun carbine that offers solid and reliable performance.  


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