Blog: Umarex NXG Pistol Crossbow Red Back Black / Green. Handy Pistol Crossbow with ergonomic handle and sporty look.

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Umarex NXG Pistol Crossbow Red Back

Black / Green




Handy pistol crossbow with ergonomic handle and sporty look. The front handle can be placed on the long Picatinny rail to meet your preference.

This is an "outstanding" pistol crossbow  with tactical elements and a high muzzle velocity of up to 235 fps, which is about 72 m/s. Draw weight of 80 lbs. Solid metal crossbow body composition with an ergonomic handle and an additional handle on a picatinny rail for a more stable grip and better target shooting where, among other things, you can mount a laser or a tactical light. Fiberglass limbs, longer life of the string, light-guided sights with Truglo fiber, sights adjustable height wise and side wise. An automatic safety against an unwanted shot, a safety while charging the crossbow (double safety).


 Highlights :

The NXG Pistol Crossbow Red Back with a draw weight of 80 lbs and an arrow speed of 200 fps with Picatinny rail for mounting different sights and target optics comes with:

  • fully adjustable visor
  • Tool that provides a simple and safe installation of the string
  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Speed 200 fps to 80 lbs train weight
  • Quality BCY string, the same string as the full-size models
  • Soft grip and trigger
  • patented double-sided security system on top of the crossbow instead of the string
  • Extra long Picatinny rail for mounting a seat or other accessories

 The crossbow is really powerful, as is shown by the additional stringer with which you will “fit” the original string. The method of charging is the lever system (breaking) at the rear. 

This is a strong pistol crossbow, so be careful when handling it. It can also be used for hunting small rodents. 


 For charging simply take off the safety and push the charging lever down.

On the Top Rail various target optics can be attached.




Technical Parameters:

  • Muzzle velocity:              235 fps - 72 m/s
  • Draw weight:                   80 lbs
  • Width:                             43.5 cm
  • Length:                           51 cm
  • Sights:                            light-guided, adjustable height wise and side wise
  • Weight:                           850 grams
  • Color:                             black


Package Content:

  • Pistol crossbow Hori-Zone Redback 80 lbs
  • Stringer
  • Plastic bolts: 3 pcs
  • String wax
  • Manual with warranty card 


Handy pistol crossbow with ergonomic handle and sporty look.


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