Pakistan's First Online Marketplace For Firearms!

Feb 25, 21
Pakistan's First Online Marketplace For Firearms!

The last few months have just been weird, many of us still have to spend most our time at home. So to accommodate that Scopes & Barrels is proud to present Pakistan's first online marketplace for Firearms!

View or post Ads for firearms online! No need to visit a shop, Just visit View products from companies like Norinco, Hatsan, Glock etc. 


Want to sell your firearm? Just complete the following steps:

1. Take pictures of your firearms

2. Visit

3. Click on "Sell your weapon"

4. Select a Package and register yourself.

5. And just post your product online and let time play its turn.

Arrange a meeting with your potential meeting and the setup a deal! That's it! It's that easy. 

For more information feel free to contact us or visit our store located in Saddar Karachi.

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