Gamo Airgun Mod. Shadow 1000 5.5 MM

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SPA B2-4

SPA B2-4

Gamo Airgun Mod. Whisper X 5.5 MM

Gamo Airgun Mod. Whisper X 5.5 MM

SKU: GAM0001

SHADOW 1000 is one of the most sold in our catalog; with high power and low weight is included in airguns for shooting at higher than 40 meters with accuracy ranges. Equipped with ergonomic stock and Truglo technology, that provide a bright and reliable picture framing under any lighting conditions.


    Power 24 J
    Length 110 cm (42,9 in)
    Weight 3,1 kg (6,82 lb)
    Velocity cal 4,5 mm (.177) 386 m/s (1.266 fps)
    Velocity cal 5,5 mm (.22) 286 m/s (938 fps)
    Velocity cal 6,35 mm (.25) 240 m/s (787 fps)

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