Legends Cowboy Rifle Airgun - Chrome

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Diana 34 EMS Black

Diana 34 EMS Black

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Artemis SR1000S Camo

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Umarex Legends Cowboy Shell Ejecting Chrome

Chrome Action Ejecting Cowboy Lever Action CO2 Air Rifle

Realistic lever action

Full metal frame

Includes 10 BB cartridges

Fixed front sight

Faux-wood polymer stock

Compatible with Umarex Peacemaker BB cartridges

Powered by (2) 12 g CO2 Capsules housed in the stock

Load, cock, fire, reload, and hear the cartridge hit the ground – the CO2 version of the Legends Cowboy Rifle will put you back in the Wild West. And although it shoots steel BBs, its underlever operation and loading shell ejection make it feel just like a repeater from the old days. The classic design and antique finish, based on legendary Winchester models, add to the overall effect. 

The Cowboy Rifle is also a winner when it comes to accuracy. It is easy to grip and has convincing design features, including an all-metal break-down frame. With its combination of advanced CO2 technology and nostalgic charm, this rifle is sure to offer plenty of fun.
  • Calibre: 4.5mm (.177) BB
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Velocity: 572 ft/s
  • Length: 966 mm
  • Weight: 2526 g
  • Shot Count: 60 shots**

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