Legends S40 , 4" Silver Co2 Airpistol By Umarex

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Beretta Elite II

Beretta Elite II

Gamo Airgun Mod. Whisper X 5.5 MM

Gamo Airgun Mod. Whisper X 5.5 MM


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Umarex Legends CO2 BB & .177 Air Pistols and Rifles


The rifled barrel gives increased accuracy even during rapid firing with the CO2 12g cylinder providing the pressure to deliver time after time. All three models (S25, S40 & S60) are authentic in every way and a pleasure to own.

  • Calibre:   .177 Pellet
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Length:    210 mm
  • Weight:   855 g
  • Shots Per Capsule: 60 Shots

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