Umarex XBG Black

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Umarex TDP 45

Umarex TDP 45

Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic

Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic


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The trigger pull on both the Umarex XBG is medium to heavy but since it is a double action only trigger, this is to be expected. There is a fair amount of take up with the entire pull being about 8-9 pounds with the release point happening right at the very back of the pull, you get a bit of a clicking sound warning right before it releases. If you are used to shooting other lower priced double action triggers where the barrel protrudes out of the front of the gun when you pull the trigger then you will know what to expect with these two guns as they are setup pretty much exactly the same.

ype: BB air pistol.

Manufacturer: Umarex USA.

Model: XBG 

Materials: Pastic outer shell.

Weight: XBG .9 pounds (400 grams) - TDP 45 .8 pounds (390 grams)

Barrel: Metal non-rifled (4.25 inches).

Propulsion: CO2 x 1.

Action: Semi auto non-blowback, double action only.

Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's.

Ammunition Capacity: 19 round metal stick magazine.

FPS: 410.

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