Custom Target Systems Kit

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46" Parry Rifle Case


46" Combat Tactical Rifle Case

EZ Aim Custom Target Systems Target Kit with Bag

The EZ Aim® Custom Target System Kit is designed to set-up in minutes, be versatile and expandable. It comes with a synthetic component that functions like a 2 x 4. The system can be customized. The synthetic component can be replaced with a standard wooden 2 x 4 up to 8 feet in length. Any number of targets from the EZ Aim® Custom target system can be added: The kit includes a leg kit, gong attaching chain kit, 3 Custom Target System brackets for attaching metal targets, a dual spinner target system, a two-target stand for paper targets and a self-healing 8 inch gong target.

Product Features

  • Leg kit breaks down to convenient 16" sections
  • Chain kit includes all hardware for hanging gong targets.
  • Frame only (targets & gongs NOT included)
  • Includes: 17 inches long synthetic 2x4
  • Includes brackets for gallery expansion.
  • Carry bag included.


          Product Length 24.0
          Product Width 20.0
          Product Height 24.0
          Weight 20.40

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