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Hoppe's 9 Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube

Hoppe's 9 Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube

Bore Light

Bore Light

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas of a firearm just got easier using the aerosol version of Hoppe's Black Precision Gun Cleaner and Precision Oil. The included extension tube allows you to quickly dispense the formulas exactly where you want to with the press of a button. Hoppe's Black Precision Gun Cleaner is an advanced cleaning formula engineered to deliver a superior clean to any firearm and removes lead, carbon, and powder fouling from a gun bore. The aerosol version of Hoppe's Black Precision Oil still boasts the extreme temperature range of -65°F to 540°F, so it doesn't gum up on your firearm, so your gun is prepared for any situation.

  • Hoppe's Black Gun Cleaner is designed to clean high carbon levels
  • Hoppe's Black Gun Oil has a wide temperature range of -65°F to 540°F
  • Hoppe's Black Gun Oil will not gum up on a firearm
  • Each formula is available in a 4 ounce can
  • Includes extension tube
  • Made in USA

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