Hoppes Black Gun Grease

Gun Care
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Black Aerosols Gun Care

Black Aerosols Gun Care

Moisture Displacing Lubricant

Moisture Displacing Lubricant

Hoppe's Black Gun Grease is step four of five step in the Hoppe's Black High-Performance Gun Cleaning System. This gun grease formula reduces friction between moving parts, decrease wear and tear on firearms, and includes rust prohibitors to help protect your firearm against rust. It has a wide temperature range of -65°F to 540°F, so it will stand up to high round counts and will not gum up under extreme temperatures. Simply remove the grease cap and depress the plunger to apply Hoppe's Black Gun grease to clean, moving parts of the firearm.

  • Boasts extreme temperature range from -65°F to 540°F
  • Protects against rust
  • Syringe allows for precision application

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