Allen Company Shot-Rock Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest, Black

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Shooting Rest
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What started over 50 years ago, in Broomfield, Colorado, with a single gun case, Allen Company has grown into one of the premier brands in the outdoor industry. We passionately focus on developing high quality hunting, shooting, archery, and tactical gear with affordability. As outdoor enthusiasts, we understand your passion for what you do and are excited to be the brand you choose for your next adventure. Whether you take to the field or the range, our products are designed and tested by outdoor experts to ensure optimal performance at the highest level. Your experience is only limited by your gear—discover your potential with Allen Company. The Shotrock Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest has a 1.5-inch steel frame center support. Made with a steel weight-bearing plate so you can add small sandbags or steel plates for extra weight. The adjustable front rest has an easy to use elevation adjustment disk and a locking screw to keep everything rock steady. The front feet are adjustable to make the shooting rest level. The rear stock cradle holds the firearm firmly in place.

Product Features

  • RIGID 1.5 INCH STEEL FRAME: Can handle most firearms used for big game hunting or bench rest shooting.
  • WEIGHT TRAY: If your rest needs more weight to stay stable simply add weight to the center tray.
  • ADJUSTABLE FRONT REST: Holds your firearm’s stock securely while allowing for elevation adjustment up or down using the rotating disk.
  • REAR STOCK CRADLE: Holds the rear part of your stock securely keeping your firearm steady in the rest.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEET: Gives you the ability to make your Shotrock rest level on most any tabletop surface.

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