Diana 340 N-Tec 4.5mm

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SKU: DIA0013

With the new N-TEC-Piston you get the ability to take more shots with consistent power and better accuracy. Allowing you to enjoy smoother and lighter cocking effort. It’s smooth to use and powerful operating – just a “Smooth Operator”. The attractive modern and ergonomic designed wooden stock is an absolutely eye-catcher and makes this rifle a real “must-have” hunting and sporting gun. The Model 340 has an attractive and ergonomic designed beechwood stock, with checkering on forend and pistol grip, ventilated rubber pad, polished and deep black metal surface, metal sights with an interchangeable front sight insert and modified T06 metal trigger.


Model DIANA 340 N-TEC Premium
System N-TEC Break Barrel
Barrel Rifled Barrel
Caliber 4,5 mm pellet | 5,5 mm pellet
Magazine Capacity single shot
Weight 3600 g
Length 1.160 mm
Barrel Length 495 mm • 19.5"
Max. Velocity* 280 m/s • 920 fps | 225 m/s • 740 fps
Max. Energy* 21 Joule • 15.5 ft.lbs | 23 Joule • 17 ft.lbs
*Measured maximum speed with lead pellet. Varies with legal requirements. -

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