Evanix Rex -FR

Scopes and Barrels

With 300 joules, the Rex rifle delivers 2.5 times the energy of a 22lr rifle, making it ideal for firing on metal gongs or silhouettes and long-range target shooting. Very simple and fast manual rehearsal mechanism by lever in guard.

  • Decisively tactical design and picatinny rails make the Evanix Rex carbine a catchy looking weapon.
  • The Rex rifle offers two shooting modes: full power (300 joules / 350 m / s) or half power (about 150 joules / 250 m / s) to save air and be sure to remain subsonic and therefore discreet.
  • Its picatinny rail allows the mounting of a telescope or a red dot. Its tank placed at the back balances the weapon.
  • Rechargeable with a compressor, a manual pump or a diving bottle, its PCP tank provides you with a range of up to 60 shots. Quick fixing tank.
  • Cannon sheathed 78 cm including 70 cm striped
  • Total length: 115 cm
  • Single shot
  • Projectile type: diabolo only
  • Repetition: manual by side lever
  • Air tank at 200 bar
  • Autonomy: up to 100 rounds with integrated control manometer.
  • Relaxation: adjustable trigger.
  • Safety: manual
  • Ambidextrous stock.
  • 1 prismatic rail 21mm picatinny type for fixing a telescope or a red dot.

Requires for refilling a 200 bar hose (see related products below) and a cylinder of compressed air at 200 bars or more (diving bottle).

Non-contractual photo: rifle delivered without bezel, without refueling bottle and without hose

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