Gamo Coyote Wooden 5.5MM

Gamo Coyote Wooden 5.5MM



SKU: GAM0014

Gamo's Coyote reaches the PCP (Pre-Compressed Pneumatic) airgun market as the brand’s latest, leading-edge product, including a multi-shot mechanism which works on a removable magazine holding ten (10) pellets.  The Coyote's barrel is an engineering feat, built using a cold-forged hammering process which allows the rifle to deliver shots with admirable precision. This outstanding air rifle has been built on an ambidextrous beachwood rifle butt, hunter style, finished in water-based varnish with rubber edging.

Gamo's PCP system

Gamo's last generation PCP system provides a smooth, powerful and accurate shooting due to its sophisticated compression system, which supplies a constant air feed that efficiently boosts pellets of all calibers. This state of the art technology consists on a strengthened steel air cylinder which is able to deliver high power levels by using a mechanic opening valve, that can be adjusted to offer the desired power level, expanding or lessening respectively the tank's autonomy.

PCP cylinders can be charged in a few minutes both using a mechanical or electronic pumps, so they become a really good alternative to classic break barrel carbines. Even though their autonomy is limited to the remaining air quantity available in the tank, they offer a really accurate recoil-free shooting experience which break barrel airguns are still far from achieving.

PCP. Power and accuracy as never seen before



Power 27 J / 40 J
Length 98 cm (38,58 in)
Weight 3,8 kg (8,36 lb)
Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 492 m/s (1.614 fps)
Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 291 m/s (954 fps)

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