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Gamo Coyote Black Whisper 5.5MM

Gamo Coyote Black Whisper 5.5MM



SKU: GAM0029

The Coyote Black Whisper completes the product range currently on offer in the PCP market by Gamo. The Coyote Black Whisper rifle incorporates Gamo’s own Whisper Maxxim technology, which consists of an integrated sound muffler in its grooved steel rifle barrel. This muffler effectively supresses sound and reduces noise expansion. This exceptional system has an attractive synthetic manufacture and is extremely efficient and light-weight due to the design of its internal air chambers.

As with other rifles in the Coyote range, this one incorporates a multi-shot mechanism functioning on a classic bolt system, which operates a removable magazine holding ten (10) pellets.

The fixed, pre-compressed air reservoir is integrated into the rifle, and at the end of the reservoir there’s a manometer showing the level of compressed air remaining. The barrel is an engineering feat, built using a cold-forged hammering process. This allows the rifle to deliver shots with admirable precision.

The Coyote Black Whisper features a black, ambidextrous, synthetic rifle butt with an adjustable cheek piece, making it highly ergonomic and light weight. The trigger model incorporated is the CAT™, (Custom Action Trigger) a new technology developed by Gamo whereby the shooter can adjust phase 1 and phase 2 of the trigger independently. By merely loosening the first phase adjustment screw in increases the trajectory of the trigger. It one desires a shorter phase 1 trajectory, by simply tightening the screw it is shortened. The phase 2 adjustment is as simple as for the first phase. You loosen the adjustment screw to increase trajectory and tighten it to reduce it.


Power 27 J / 40 J
Length 98 cm (38,58 in)
Weight 3,8 kg (8,36 lb)
Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 492 m/s (1.614 fps)
Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 291 m/s (954 fps)

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