GLOCK 17 4,5 mm (.177) pellet / BBs

GLOCK 17 4,5 mm (.177) pellet / BBs

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Proverbial Glock perfection has come to CO2-powered airguns. This replica of the Glock 17 has quality written all over it. What makes it especially attractive is its dual system, with a rifled barrel that permits precise shooting of both pellets and 4.5 mm BBs. Weighing just under a kilogram, this hefty pistol delivers a convincing recoil that Glock fans will really appreciate. The threaded barrel allows you to attach a compensator. This CO2 airgun comes in an original Glock gun case.

Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) pellet / BBs
Magazine capacity 8 shot(s)
Velocity 110 m/s
Energy <3.0 Joule(s)
Trigger Single- and Double Action
Length 220 mm
Weight 820 g

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