H&N Baracuda .25 Cal, (30.86 gr) Pellets

H&N Baracuda .25 Cal, (30.86 gr) Pellets





Heavy, very accurate pellet for long ranges. First-class, aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tight shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy. Smooth.

  • CALIBRE: .25 cal.
  • WEIGHT: 30.86 gr
  • MIN. MUZZLE ENERGY: 18.5 ft.lbs
  • MAX. DISTANCE: 50 m
  • BC: 0.037
  • CONTENT OF TIN: 150 pcs.


  • Manufacturer: Haendler & Natermann (H&N)
  • Caliber: 0.25 cal
  • Ammo Type: Pellets
  • Ammo Weight: 30.86 gr
  • Pellet Shape: Domed
  • Pellet Quantity: 150

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