Heckler & Koch MP5 K cal. 6 mm BB - black By Umarex

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An authentic airsoft SMG replica produced by Umarex, licensed by Heckler & Koch. Of course provided with all correct markings and with CO2 drive without blowback, all gas expansion is used to propel the bb. This replica is among the replicas that shoot the hardest of all airsoft guns, so it is very nice to shoot some targets, less fun to ski with

Co2 powered Airsoft Version of the HK MP5 K incl. accessory rail.


Caliber 6 mm BB
Power Source 12 g CO2 capsule
Max. energy 2,5 Joule
Length 375 - 590 mm
Weight 1635 g
Trigger Single Action
Special feature(s) Blowback

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