Krome Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Mat, 46"L x 16"W, Black/Gray by Allen

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The Allen Gun Cleaning Mat is packed with features. The mat has a slip resistant back and a finish on top that resists most liquids. It has tables to explain shotgun range with different choke types. It has a bullet reference section, and rifle cartridge and shotshell anatomy illustrations. It has a bullet trajectory illustration to help explain sight in. There are cleaning tips and three bright spaces for placing small parts.

Product Features

  • Slip Resistant Back
  • Cleans Easily with a Damp Cloth
  • Scratch Free Material
  • Shotgun Choke Range Guide
  • Rifle Cartridge Atatomy and Comparison
  • Shotshell Anatomy
  • Bullet Trajectory Illustration
  • Bright Spaces for Setting Small Parts

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