SA 1911 Military Rail - Blowback

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SKU 288507

This is the full-size replica of the 1911 branded pistol from Swiss Arms, an air pistol that makes realism its strong point. Excellently balanced and with a decisive blowback, the shooting will reflect the feeling of the original weapon. The BAXS system (Ballistic Accuracy eXtreme System) allows Oustanding accuracy and power, plus if necessary allows you to adjust the trajectory of the stell BB pellet. In this captivating military tactical version, you have an under-rail system and tactical trigger.


  • Power is 1.6 joules
  • Operates with 12gr Co2
  • Smooth Barrel
  • 4.5 mm Caliber
  • 18 Rounds
  • The total length is 220 mm.
  • Weight is 942 G

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