SPA SR1000W 5.5 MM

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The only difference between SR1000W and SR1000S is the stock. SR1000W has wood stock while the latter SR1000S has PP stock. High speed, high shooting accuracy, less breaking force are all the advantages of Spring Air Rifle SR1000W.


  1. High shooting accuracy and high velocity
  2. Steady power and long life time
  3. Less breaking force
  4. Manual safety
  5. Adjustable trigger pull
  6. The front sight is integrated with suppressor
  7. Camo Color is available


  1. Caliber: 4.5/5.5 mm
  2. Speed: 1000/800 fps
  3. Safety: Manual safety
  4. Trigger Force: 3-8.5 Lbf
  5. Barrel Length: 450mm
  6. L.W.H.: 1290*180*70 mm
  7. Weight: 3.6kg
  8. Stock: Wood

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