ALLEN SWIPE™ MQR HOLSTER (Size 11 Sub-Compact Semi-Autos 2.5-3.5” Barrel Length)

Scopes & Barrels


Hip holsters typically employ a snap-system for their retention band.  Anyone that has used one of these, knows that they can be hard to break loose and cumbersome to manage.

The Swipe MQR Holster uses a patented magnetic system that releases in 50% less time than a traditional snap and locks quickly uses a scientifically designed magnetic locking system.  To use-simply clear the lock using a fast directional “swipe” motion to break the magnetic bond.  Locking is even easier.  To lock-hold the retention band head near the magnetic base and the polarity will draw and lock the two points together.  This bond creates a locking force that can only be reversed from one direction so your weapon can’t be removed by other persons.

Swipe MQR is a retention system that is lightning fast and structurally more reliable than a standard snap system.

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