Sniper Noir 06 Airsoft Rifle with bipod

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Sniper rifle SAS 06 Black Swiss Arms with spring-powered bipod, caliber 6mm, weight 4088grs, energy 1.9 joule, included, 1 strap, 1 speed loader, 1 telescopic bipod


Weight 4088grs
Airsoft type Manual
Magazine capacity 35 balls
Energy 1.9 joule
Material Metal and ABS
Length 960 / 1110mm
Included 1 strap, 1 speed loader, 1 telescopic bipod
Color Black
Hop-up Yes (adjustable, easy to adjust)
Particularities Model equipped with upper and lower and side rails, adjustable butt heel, folding and telescopic bipod. Adjustable butt heel and cheek support
Reference 280736
Shooting Mode Step by step
Propulsion On springs
Recommended balls 0.28grs, 0.30grs
Lacrosse Extension yes foldable
Caliber 6mm
Max reach 70m
Speed ​​with 0.12gr balls 450fps, 137m / s
Guarantee 6 months
Compatible additional charger reference 285097
Mark Swiss Arms

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