Scopes and Barrels



Solid carrying belt made of polypropylene fibers, with a thick weave, equipped with a modern UTX Duraflex® Cop-Lok® buckle.

The Mil-Tec construction, which has been tested over many years, has been modernized using a manufacturer-made polymer clamp with an additional locking system. It protects against accidental release of the buckle and provides additional reinforcement of the structure.

The adjustment system allows a stepless fit to the body and two clamp clips will keep the desired length. Metal eyelets cooperating with the ALICE accessories assembly system were placed on the belt.

Technical data:

  • - Bidth: 6 cm 
  • - Belt: 100% Polypropylene 
  • - Buckle: 100% Polyoxymethylene 
  • - Color:Black

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