Walther Maximathor cal. 6,35 mm (.25) pellet - 60 joules By Umarex

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SKU: 465.12.60

For those who like a little more power: The new Walther MaximaThor repeating compressed air rifle does justice to its name. It produces an impressive muzzle energy of 60 joules with 5.5 mm pellets, and the long 200-bar tank with pressure indicator and quick-fill opening is good for about 30 shots. The MaximaThor’s elegant stock comes from the Walther Rotex RM8, and it also takes the 8-shot Rotex rotary magazine for pellets up to 9 mm in length. Special high-quality Walther MaximaThor pellets are recommended (only in .22 available). This powerful rifle is supplied without an open sight and features an 11-mm dovetail rail for mounting a telescopic sight.

Caliber 6,35 mm (.25) Pellet
Magazine Capacity 8 shot(s)
Length 1052 mm
Weight 4250 g
Trigger adjustable trigger travel
Energy 70 Joule

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