Apolo Pointed Pellets 5.5mm (18 grain)

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PREMIUM PONTED .22, 5.5 mm Argentinian company Apolo shot at an excellent price! Made of an alloy with a low lead content, the Premium ammunition leaves minimal residue in the barrel. Comfortable screw-on metal box, 250 pieces.

Precise, heavy, with excellent aerodynamics (flat, stable trajectory) and high impact force. Ideal for long-distance shooting, target-shooting. Stable flight path thanks to higher weight and ideal centre of gravity. Pellet weight was selected so that it fits to strong pneumatic guns (FAC with no energy limit).

Premium Pointed - a series of shot where accuracy is the result of a flat flight path and low rainfall over long distances, which is due to the ammunition reducing the resistance of air pointy head. The aerodynamic profile provides high impact force (high stopping power) and penetration. Pellet is characterized by a stable trajectory of flight also during gusts of wind. Smooth cup without knurling.

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