Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant - 1.69 oz

Gun Care
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Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Protectant, 1.69oz Bottle, Clear

The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant and Protectant is a blend of high quality, 100% synthetic gun cleaning oils. This anti-rust, anti-foam, non-toxic, odorless lubricant is treated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide ultimate and lasting corrosion protection and lubrication under a broad range of temperatures (from -65°F to 507°F). This innovative gun lubrication solution is safe for all metal, plastic and polymer components.

Product Features

  • SYNTHETIC GUN LUBE: This lubricating oil protects your firearms from corrosion, wear, and friction. It works with handguns and rifles, making it a versatile addition to your gun cleaning supplies..
  • EXTREME TEMPERATURE RANGE: Our gun oil operates under a range of temperatures from -65°F to 507°F, providing optimal performance in various conditions.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The unique properties of this oil ensure that it does not foam up during use while preventing the buildup of rust on your firearm.
  • BREAKTHROUGH CLEAN: We offer the finest line of products to safely and efficiently maintain your equipment. Our cleaners eliminate more contaminants than the leading competitors, and our lubricants provide the ultimate protection from the elements.

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