Breakthrough Clean Technologies All-in-One Gun Cleaner

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Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born Bio-Synthetic All-In-One (CLP) Cleaner, Lubricant, & Protectant, 1.69oz Bottle

The Breakthrough Clean All-in-One (CLP) Gun Cleaner provides superior two-in-one cleaning and lubrication. This cleaner removes carbon build-up, lead deposits, oil, and grime while penetrating deep to protect from rust and corrosion. This heavy-duty solvent also minimizes friction and wear from metal-to-metal contact. It is an excellent addition to your shooting range bag or hunting gear.

Product Features

  • GUN LUBE AND CLEANER: This superior gun cleaning solution removes carbon build-up, lead deposits, oil, and grime. The lube protects your firearms from rust and corrosion.
  • RANGE ACCESSORIES: This all-in-one protectant is a convenient addition to your range bag. It is an on-the-go cleaning solution to keep your firearms running smoothly.
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Our odorless solvent has a temp range of -53 degrees to +430 degrees Fahrenheit and minimizes friction from metal-to-metal contact. It is perfect for long-term storage protection.
  • MULTIPURPOSE LUBRICANT: You can use this universal solution on tools, automotive parts, metal, locks, knives, bicycles, and additional items subject to corrosion damage.
  • BREAKTHROUGH CLEAN: We offer the finest line of products to safely and efficiently maintain your equipment. Our cleaners eliminate more contaminants than the leading competitors, and our lubricants provide the ultimate protection from the elements.

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