Custom Gong Target Hanging System

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Crafting your skills at the range is necessary before hitting the field—but where to begin? EZ Aim® Target Shooting Systems will challenge any level of shooter with the most comprehensive options in the industry. No other mounting system delivers you the versatility and scalability than EZ Aim® Custom Target Systems (CTS). Launched in 2019, we listen to what today’s shooters demand with an array of products designed to test what you can bring to the table. The only limit of target exploration is your creativity and imagination. Stay on target with EZ Aim®. The EZ Aim® Custom Gong Target Hanging System features a quick and easy-to-assemble design that works with an array of gong targets, providing you the tools needed to sharpen your skills. Using common mounting bracket sizes, our system is compatible with steel gongs, self-healing gongs, and spinners or various paper target formats. The EZ Aim® Custom Target System ensures you have what you need to challenge your abilities as well as your imagination. Get creative and stay on target with EZ Aim®.

Product Features

  • SHOOTING TARGET SYSTEMS: 1.25-inch steel tube frame & 1-inch steel tube legs assemble easily, measuring 48-inches long x 44-inches wide x 33-inches tall.
  • STEEL TARGET SYSTEM: Compatible with various target types—steel gong targets, self-healing gongs, spinner targets, & paper shooting target formats.
  • EZ Aim® TARGETS: Get creative with how you challenge yourself at the range & take your skillset to the next level.

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