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The EZ Aim® Sight-In Splash Shooting Kit & Target Stand features a complete, quick assembly, 2-piece target stand, providing you the tools needed to sharpen your skills. Adhesive Splash Technology provides you with visual impact to help improve your accuracy, consistency, and confidence when you need it most. Far better than the process used on other flaking targets, using EZ-Aim Splash® Technology delivers cleaner bullet holes with consistent, easy-to-see contrasting rings for a better experience. Our target stands can be weighted or staked down for additional support and ensure you have what you need to challenge your abilities as well as your imagination. Get creative and stay on target with EZ Aim®.

Product Features

  • ADHESIVE SIGHT-IN TARGETS: 3 adhesive Splash Technology targets included measure 12-inches square & a complete, 2-piece target stand measures 13.5-inches wide x 17.5-inches tall.
  • SHOOTING RANGE PAPER TARGETS: Bright inks & high contrast colors are viewable from long distances while Splash Technology helps you track your shots on impact, keeping you consistent.
  • SHOOTING TARGET STAND: Easy setup-n-go target stand assembles in seconds, can be weighted, or staked down for additional support when shooting, & can fold up when not in use for easy storage.
  • EZ Aim® TARGETS: Get creative with how you challenge yourself at the range & take your skillset to the next level.

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