Gamo PR-776 Revolver

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Gamo’s new PR-776 revolver is an extremely realistic full-metal C02 gun. Powered by a 12 gr CO2 cartridge, it features  a real -single or double action- revolver mechanism. The swinging-out cylinder holds a rotatory magazine with 8 shots. Once you have shot all 8 pellets, use the gun’s ejection rod to push out the magazine and put a new one on, as in a speedloader. The rear sight is fully adjustable, so you might see a significant increase in your short-distance shooting accuracy. Gamo’s PR-776 is a great revolver for tin shooting, plinking, hitting spinners and more.

  • .177
  • <7.5 Joules
  • 110 m/s
  • Single or double action
  • Manual safety Mechanism
  • Rail not available
  • 8-shot rotary pellet magazine
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Non-blowback
  • Fixed Sights

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