Multi-Functional Quick Pull Holster Magazine Base

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Need to get your mags out in a hurry? These Lancer Tactical Multi-Functional Quick Pull Holsters are the way to go! these rubberized tabs slip over the base plates of most M4 style magazines, giving you an extended tab to grab onto and help you reload faster! These tabs also provide a convenient open bottom design allowing you to access the winding wheel on a high cap if you need to!
  • The magazine base gives your standard M4 magazine an easy quick pull grip.
  • At the bottom of the mag base, there is a cutout that allows for high-capacity magazine's winding wheel.
  • The construction of these magazine bases is made with anti-slip material and anti-wear TPR plastic.
  • These magazine bases can be used with low capacity, mid capacity, and high-capacity magazines.
  • Easy to attach to magazines and is tightly secured once it's on
  • Allows for quicker reloads and gives you extra grip when pulling them out of magazine pouches.

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