RWS Super Field Ultra Heavy 5.5mm Pellets

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RWS Super Field Ultra Heavy 5.5mm/.22 cal Pellets

RWS is expanding the FIELD LINE by adding a new air rifle pellet which is perfectly suited for hunting at longer distances and for field target sports (plinking). The RWS SUPER FIELD ULTRA HEAVY round nose air gun pellet maintains a stable trajectory even with side wind. Group sizes of under 2.5 cm at 50 m testify to its excellent accuracy and these precisely formed German pellets are clean and uniform and optimized for performance in today's hard hitting PCP air rifles.
Bullet length: 8.5 mm
Diameter of head: 5.51 mm
Bullet weight: 1.2 g
Weight (gr): 19 gr
Lead free: No
Single package: 500

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