SHS Rechargeable Metal 12g Co2 / Green Gas Cartridge

CO2 Capsules
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Material: Metal
Compatible: Verified compatibility with WG revolvers, results may vary for each type of gas system
Capacity: 12g

The SHS rechargeable 12g cartridge is a nice substitute for traditional Co2 cartridges. This little device comes in quite handy when you are out on the field and you run out of 12g Co2 cartridges with no way to resupply. Thanks to its rechargeable design, you may re-charge it using much more common green gas cans. The second purpose for using this rechargeable cartridge is to help regulate the FPS on some Co2 powered guns. Often times, Co2 guns can shoot too hot to clear CQB field limits; by using green gas, you may drop the FPS to a much more comfortable level to abide by field rules.


  • Heavy duty milled metal construction
  • Reusable cartridge, simply fill it with standard green gas cans or even from a Co2 tank adapter
  • Easy way to lower the fps on Co2 powered guns to a much more comfortable level

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