Steyr AUG A2 Proline

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The Steyr AUG series is an Austrian licensed series of assault rifles that use the bull-pup configuration, where the buttplate is attached directly to the receiver. This solution offers very compact rifles with long barrels, despite of its compact size.


On the A2 you get an accessory rail where you can mount your preferred aiming device. The front grip is collapsible, and the internals are metal constructed.

The gearbox has a quick-change spring feature that allows for a fast change in muzzle velocity should the circumstances demand it.

The gun shoots 120 m/s (395 fps) out of the box.



  • Textured grip and stock accents
  • Removable flash suppressor with 14 mm CCW threading
  • Quick spring change gearbox
  • 300 rd. hi cap magazine
  • Continuous low-profile top rail



Length 805 mm
Barrel Length 530 mm
Mag. Capacity 330 Rounds
Hop up type Adjustable
Velocity 394 fps
Weight 7.4 lbs
Energy 1.4 joule

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