Steyr AUG A3 MP

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Steyr AUG A3 MP is a specialized version of the famed Austrian firearm with many refinements and enhancements compared to our Sportline guns. Most noticeable are the many rails mounted on different parts of the Airsoft gun.

A total of 9 rails are present of which 7 is removable allowing the operator to only mount the rails needed saving on weight and keeps the gun looking stylish.

Internally is a version 3 gearbox with 7mm bearings and high-quality gears and piston. The gearbox has a quick-change spring feature that allows for a fast change in muzzle velocity should the circumstances demand it.

The gun shoots 120 m/s (394 fps) out of the box and can be upgraded with ULTIMATE parts if desired.

The AUG A3 MP is a compact Airsoft weapon with a full-length barrel (530mm) giving long range rifle accuracy in a CQB sized gun, making this Steyr AUG the ideal multi mission Airsoft gun.



  • Textured grip and stock accents

  • QD sling mounts

  • 9 Rails (7 removable)

  • Continuous top rail

  • Redesigned charging-handle (to match the real firearm)

  • Inner barrel length is 530 mm (21,2”)

  • Removable barrel extension tube with 14 mm CCW threading (it covers an extended inner barrel)

  • Quick spring change gearbox

  • 300 rd. hi cap magazine



Length 775 mm
Barrel Length 530 mm
Mag. Capacity 330 Rounds
Hop up type Adjustable
Velocity 394 fps
Weight 8.5 lb
Energy 1.4 joule

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