Swiss Arms 1911 Seventies Stainless

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This Colt 1911 air pistol is for those who want a heavy full-metal pistol with blowback and realistic workmanship!

The gun is matte silver color with the sides of the slide polished glossy. The sides of the slide have engraved the "Swiss Arms SA1911 Seventies Stainless Pistol". The slide has grooves at the back that provide good charging grip.

The frame of the gun is also full-metal with matte color. The gun has manual fuse as well as grip protection, like the original.

The gun uses a 12g Co2 cartridge as a driving force. The cartridge is inserted straight into the magazine. When the gun is out of shots, the slide locks in the rear position as on the original.


Length 217mm
Race length 120mm
Weight 905g
Fluted Race No
Reservoir capacity 18 shots
Calibre 4.5mm BB round balls
Rail No
Blowback Yes
Impetus 12g Co2 Cartridge
Output speed 96mps/314fps
Energy 1.6 Joule

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