Taser TW-1801

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Stun Gun Car Key BMW TW-1801 from 100,000 volts with reduced dimensions faithfully reproduce an electronic car key. An accessory that you can take with you in any situation with its discharge can frighten or stun any attacker. This instrument has an external body in black anti-shock and anti-discharge ABS with a hole in the tail to insert a lace or a key ring (not supplied) and with the 3 keys of the silver-colored functions clearly visible and easily identifiable in case of need; it is also safe because the shock function is activated only if the safety lever (ON / OFF) on the back is removed to prevent accidental discharge. Suitable for anyone who wants security at hand, the TW-1801 has three functions:

  1. Bollard with visible pulsating discharge between the metal electrodes which can temporarily stun an attacker.
  2. LED torch useful as a light point
  3. 120 decibel sound alarm to discourage the potential attacker or to call attention even from a distance.

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