T4E HDS 68 Double Barrel Shotgun

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The T4E Real Action Markers HDS (Home Defense Shotgun), whose strengths lie clearly in the .68 caliber, the enormous energy and also the eye-catching optics, belongs to the latest generation of high-end training and marker weapons , both by authorities and also be used by the military for training purposes.

The Real Action Marker HDS 68 is powered by a 12-gram Co2 capsule, which is easily accessible in the barrel of the Schotgun and pierced by Quick-Piercing only with a light hit on the underside of the handle. So your Home Defense Shotgun 68 is ready to go and guarantees full capsules whenever you need them.

Equally 2 balls in .68 caliber you load easily into the double-shotgun and defend an attacker with enormous energy from 16 Joule. Both rubberballs (rubber bullets) and chalk balls(markers) as well as pepper bullets in .68 caliber for self-defense can be fired.

  • Caliber .68 Rubber or Chalkballs or Pepperdust
  • System Co2
  • Shot capacity 2 shot
  • Function Safe / Semi
  • Bullet speed 99 m / s
  • Energy 16 joules
  • Length 490 mm
  • Weight 1,700 grams

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