Vortex Pro Series Medium Ring Set

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VORTEX OPTICS Pro Series 30MM Riflescope Rings - Medium Height

The finishing touch to your rifle and optic combination. Pro Series rings combine rock-solid reliability and strength with high quality machining to ensure ultimate accuracy and consistency. Streamlined, lightweight and durable, these rings use four T-25 Torx-style socket cap screws for secure mounting.

  • Type 2 Matte Black Anodized
  • Laser Engraved Torque Specifications
  • Integrated Recoil Lug
  • Made in the USA


Base Clamp Screws 30 in/lbs
Ring Screws 18 in/lbs
Height Medium - 1.00" / 25.40mm



Installation Instructions

1. Remove the upper ring halves (keeping them paired as packaged) and place aside.

2. Loosen the base screws and fit the lower halves onto a Weaver or Picatinny base.

3. Position to allow proper riflescope placement for eye relief and even spacing on the riflescope tube.

4. Individually tighten both base clamp screws while pressing the ring half down and forward, toward the muzzle, ensuring it is seated against a cross-slot in the rail. Tighten base clamp screws to 30 in-lbs.

5. Place the riflescope onto the lower ring halves and loosely reattach the upper ring halves to the lower ring halves.

6. Slide and rotate the riflescope for proper head position, eye relief, and vertical reticle alignment.

7. With the riflescope properly positioned, alternately tighten the ring screws in a crisscross pattern. Tighten screws to 15-18 in-lbs while maintaining even spacing between the ring halves.

Note: Do not apply thread locker to the screws. Thread locking agents lubricate the threads, which can increase the applied torque.

ATTENTION: To properly mount your riflescope we highly recommend using an inch-pound torque wrench. DO NOT exceed 18 in-lbs of torque on the ring’s screws.