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A Guide On Choosing The Right Airgun

Choosing an Airgun could be tricky for some people specially for those who are new to the Airgun market. You want to be sure where you would want to invest your money, so for you newbies or even some veterans of the market, Team S&B are ready to help you figure out which product will be the most suitable for you.

 Okay so first all of us need to know what type of Airguns are available in the market

  • Break barrel Airguns: The most common type. There’s no pumping or cartridges to worry about. Using an underlever, top-lever or side-lever, you’ll cock the rifle and be ready to take a shot.
  • PCP Airguns: These are pump rifles. You force air into the rifle and prime it before a shot. You’ll find high caliber rifles often only come in PCP.
  • Co2 Powered Airguns: These rifles use a CO2 cartridge, which can run out and require a cartridge switch. If you’re hunting, this may not be ideal. Temperature can also change the power of a shot, which isn’t ideal.
  • Underlever Airgun: Much like the spring-piston option, a gas ram is cocked using a lever. These gas ram cylinders last for years and are very easy to shoot.

So for you newbies Team S&B would recommend to go for a Breakbarrel airgun, why? Because they are just quite simple in every way

. Easy to use and maintain. These airguns will help you to get to know how Air guns work, these Air Gun are comparatively safer to use and are not expensive. So for you guys we already have package ready so you would not have to look for other accessories;

Snow Peak Airgun Mod LB-600 with a scope, 100 pellets and target sheets, CLICK HERE to place your order.

So now to the veterans of the market, all of you are most probably familiar with the basics of the airgun so i would recommend  you guys to go for a PCP Airgun and would recommend you to check out each out each gun's specs for example it's estimated range and FPS.

Check out our review for one of the most popular PCP Airgun.

Alrighty with break barrel and PCP out of the way, lets move on to CO2 powered airguns, they're a little bit expensive but are extremely good looking, some of them are replica's of the original weapons so they are eye candies. I would recommend a CO2 Airgun to someone who's experienced with handling and maintaining airguns. A CO2 capsule is used as it's source of power and most of them would use steel BBs.

We have already prepared a package for you which includes Heckler & Koch VP9 airpistol by Umarex with 500 steel BBs, Umarex Co2 Cylinders (12g) ( 10Pcs )  and 10 target sheets. CLICK HERE to place your order.

 Personally speaking I'm not a big fan of CO2 powered Airguns simply because the cartridges can go dead and need to be replaced and would prefer for myself a break barrel airgun but hey! That's just my opinion, your case could be different. I hope you found this post helpful and for more details please feel free to contact us on Facebook or WhatsApp 0321-2060909.

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