DIANA PANTHER 350 MAGNUM T06 - Scopes and Barrels


Diana is quite well known in the market for their product's excellent quality and performance, recently we added some new products to our Diana collection, while all of them have so far have performed really well, nothing came close to Panther 350 Magnum's performance. With it's FPS potentially peaking at almost 1000, this beauty is not piece of cake to operate.


The long-range air rifle Panther 350 Magnum CBB convinces with a modern, high-quality synthetic stock and an extra grip area on the forearm; as well as on the pistol grip and a carbon barrel sleeve. It also has a both-sided cheek rest, which allows the use to both right- and left-handers. It has an adjustable T06 precision trigger and an automatic safety. A scope can be mounted on the 11mm prism rail.

If you want to check out it's performance make sure you watch our review of Diana Magnum 350! The only difference between this model and the Panther 350 model is that it has a wooden Stock the and panther 350 has a Synthetic Stock. 

It's loading mechanism will force you to renew your gym membership and maybe even force you take in two Panadol before going to bed (Please consult a doctor before taking any medicine). 

But trust me that loading mechanism is worth it, the power that comes with this break barrel Airgun is more than enough for you to feel satisfied with it's Rs.70,000 price tag (price subject to change).

In the end I would recommend this Airgun to those who are experienced when it comes to operating an airgun, I would advise beginners to go for something light, for example Artemis Sr1000s or Diana Two-Sixty

Model DIANA Panther 350 Magnum
System Break Barrel
Barrel Rifled Barrel
Caliber 4,5mm pellet | 5,5mm pellet
Magazine Capacity single shot
Weight 3.700 g • 8.2 lbs
Length 1.230 mm • 48"
Barrel Length 495 mm • 19.5"
Max. Velocity* 325 m/s • 1070 fps | 265 m/s • 870 fps
Max. Energy* 28 Joule • 20.7 ft.lbs | 32 Joule • 23.6 ft.lbs


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