GAMO Roadster Review - Scopes and Barrels

GAMO Roadster Review

Today we have a very beautiful product in front of us. It’s a product from gamo and we all know gamo’s products are Spanish made and are lightweight And they’re way ahead when it comes to breakbarrels . This is gamo roadster IGT 10x .IG means this gun has a piston instead of a spring which makes reloading this gun quite easy. Secondly 10x means it has a 10 rounds magazine.


It's really easy to use this magazine and you just need to load the pellets in it. You can easily tell how many pellets are left in the magazine. This gun has a RRR system (recoil reducing rail). This is a powerful airgun so when a scope is attached the rail will help in reducing the recoil significantly. 

This rail will help in mounting the scope easily, but still mounting a scope is tricky, it’s position can be an issue to most of the people. This airgun also has a SWA system (shock wave absorber). It will absorb the recoil of the gun, it’s a pretty amazing system. This gun also has a CAT trigger (customized action trigger) .It can be set up in two stages depending on your preference if you want to pull the trigger all the way or just slightly. You can easily adjust it with a screwdriver.

This gun is not loud at all so pretty suitable for hunting. It’s muzzle velocity is 722 FPS which is a lot and it weighs around 3 KG. It’s a lightweight airgun with a easy loading mechanic. We prefer using GAMO’s G hammer heavy pellets because they are quite suitable when it comes to hunting. The pellet’s power is 24 joules which is a lot.It has around 200 pellets in a box, we’ll highly recommend you using these pellets.

The magazine shows from which direction you have to insert your pellets. The good thing about a magazine airgun is you don’t have to load a pellet after shooting every time you just have to load the Break barrel. 

As we fire the number will keep reducing telling us how many pellets are left in the magazine.When you empty the magazine you’ll see a sign indicating the magazine is empty. With its IGT system you can easily load the barrel. It’s a lightweight airgun and has pretty good options from trigger to Manual safety.

You guys will love this product and to place your order CLICK HERE. For more details feel free to contact us on Facebook or WhatsApp 0321-2060909. Watch our detailed review of the product above to check out how this airgun works. Take care and stay safe.

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